Important Qualities of a Shot Ski


To come up with a shot ski, you need to attach three to five glasses on an old ski.  A ski is one of a pair of the long flat bars attached to the feet of a runner in order to move over the snow.  The spaces between the shot ski glasses are equal. Shot skiing is a good winter pastime event enjoyed by many people.  During winter, a lot of people move to the winter resorts.  So as to avoid disposing of the old ski, drinking vessels are made. During the winter, people fear taking cold drinks. Shot skis enable people with this kind of fear to overcome it and take the whole drink. In case you are unable to finish your drink, it will pour on your face.  Below are characteristics of a customized shot ski.

Shot ski has patterns and words written on the old ski.  A ski which has been used for long loses its good appearance. Rust is also common in the old skis. So as to make the old ski become more attractive, paints and finishes are applied to the surfaces. Messages and names of the family members are also written on the bottom and top sides so that each member is able to identify his or her glass.  This enables even the people afraid to take shots participate in shot skiing.

Glasses which hold liquids during shot skiing are firmly attached to the shot ski. The strong gluing ensures the glasses are always in place.  Waterproof adhesives are used to attach the glasses to the ski. This is because the shot skiing is carried out during winter. The best glue is the Gorilla glue.  Gluing of the glasses is supposed to be the last step.  For good results, plenty of time must be given so that that adhesive used in the attaching of the glasses strongly dries up.

Shot ski have glasses which are equidistantly placed.  In a shot ski, there are three to five glasses. In order to provide each person with enough space, the glasses must be equidistantly placed.  Customized shot ski for bigger and fat people have glasses which are placed longer distances from each other.  The glasses are also attached at the middle of the ski’s width. Look for more facts about Ski at

In order to prevent the paint, a coating of the shot ski hammer head shots with a spray is done. This spraying is done as the last step in order to avoid the spilled shots from damaging the paint, messages and coting.  This sealing also prevents the ski from rusting and losing its attractive appearance.

These are the common characteristics of the shot ski.


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